Are their personality the same?

Personality is greatly influenced by environmental. However, more and more findings are highlighting the importance of genes in determining personality traits. When looking at human identical twins raised apart, scientists have observed many shocking similarities as reported in the “Minnesota Twin Studies.” By replicating the genes, we replicate the “potential, or genetic tendency” for the clone to develop like the original, but cannot replicate the rearing experiences.

Can they reproduce naturally?

As mentioned above, the cloned pets are no different to any other normal pet. They all retain their ability to naturally reproduce.

Can you clone using the fur or blood?

It is not possible to clone using the fur or blood. For our cloning process we need a viable cell with genetic material. The fur is not made up of viable cells and has no genetic material so it is not possible to clone using the fur. There might be some cells in the hair root but it is not enough for the cloning process. It is a similar situation for blood. Most of the blood is made up of red blood cells but they do not have any genetic material. It is very difficult to establish a cell line so it is not possible to use it for the cloning process.

Is it possible to clone after 5 days has passed since the pet died?

Is it possible to clone after 5 days has passed since the pet died?

Do cloned pets die early?

Cloned pets can live as much as any other normal pet. There are no particular complications due to the cloning itself. However, remember that they are living being as well so if the owner takes good care of them, then they will grow up to be healthy. If not, they can grow sick as well.

Can you clone after freezing the cells?

As mentioned above, for the cloning process we need a live viable cell to establish a cell line to be used for the cloning. If the cells have not been cryopreserved following the high technical protocol and has been just preserved in any freezer, then the crystals formed during the freezing process will greatly damage the cells, inhibiting their growth. However, it is different case by case so it is not correct to say that it is always impossible. A special treatment is necessary to establish the cell line and until before we verify the viability of the cells, it is difficult to state if it is possible or not to clone.




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