• 5-year cell banking included in service.

  • Cloning and transplantation into surrogate.

  • 5-month time guarantee of giving birth to a healthy cloned puppy.

  • Guarantee of AT LEAST ONE cloned puppy.

  • All necessary vaccinations

  • Rearing and training of cloned puppies during quarantine period (varies by countries)

  • Safe transport of puppy to your residence

  • Obtain unfertilized eggs from an ovulating donor.

  • Remove the genetic information from the unfertilized egg to create an "empty" egg.

  • Inject the cell obtained from the companion you wish to clone into the "empty" egg, providing the genetic information for the cloned embryo.

  • Transplant the cloned embryo into a healthy surrogate mother.

  • After two months of gestational period, a healthy cloned pet is born.


The Most difficult part of cloning is obtaining healthy living cells of the companion.


Cells do not last very long after death. It is most ideal for us to receive the biopsy sample within 5~7 days of passing. Please click on "FOR EMERGENCY" button for an important message!



Please contact us for detailed instructions on how to efficiently transport your companion's cells to us.